Bozzini Laparoscopic simulator

The bozzini™ Laparoscopic Simulator by Inovus Medical is the world’s first ‘simulated laparoscopic stack system’, offering real to life laparoscope and camera handling simulation at a fraction of the

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This high-fidelity simulator utilises the proprietary bozzini™ light source and camera technology to deliver a full stack system experience through an affordable, compact, table top device. 

The bozzini™ light source is USB powered and, as with the camera system, connects directly to the monitor supplied, removing the
need for multiple power outputs and bulky camera/light source units. The simulator comes with a flat pack laparoscopic box trainer
meaning the entire system can be packed away into an easy to store carry case. The box trainer has multiple camera and instrument
entry ports. It comes with the proprietary trocar insertion pad, as seen on the pyxus™ Pro Move, allowing close to life port insertion
under camera view as well as advanced laparoscopic skills training.
The box trainer supplied with the system is perfect for use with Inovus Medical’s range of synthetic soft tissue models and can also be used with animal by product. The design allows for easy cleaning following animal by product use
This package includes:

• 1x 10mm laparoscope
• 1x bozzini light source
• 1x fibreoptic light lead
• 1x camera unit
• 1x 15” monitor
• 1x monitor stand
• 1x 10mm trocar
• 2x 5mm trocars
• 4 laparoscopic instruments: 1x needle holder,
1x scissors, 1x Maryland, 1x ratcheted Johans
• 1x box trainer with trocar insertion pad
• 1x scope bracket for fixing laparoscope

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