Suture Sleeve Trainer

Wearable suture sleeve trainer that provides safe, real-life IV injection training on a live human being, or manikins.

€ 125,00 *
Price per unit



This wearable Suture Sleeve provides safe, real-life clinical suture training and can be used on standardized patients, or manikins. The suture sleeve replicates an injured forearm with lacerations. The Suture Sleeve is made with a layer of silicone skin that creates a sensible experience of touch for the user. 
Technical specifications:

  • 28 cm (11 Inch) in length, approximately 12 cm (4,7 Inch) in diameter

  • Silicone representing soft tissue and plastic shield for protection against the needle for the standardized patient or manikin.

  • The model can be used repeatedly

  • No needle included

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